Area of Expertise

Complete Critical Care

This field need an expert who can manage any life threatening problem initially and immediately. As patient do not tell that what problem he has so, an Intensivist need to master the art of diagnosing and managing anything and everything. Though we need other expert and super-specialist to help us with intervention and procedure but still, as an Intensivist we need to have vast understanding of knowledge in each and every super-specialty of medicine. So I am. I believe in my expertise in dealing with any complicated medical or surgical patient.

Preventive Critical Care Medicine

My success as critical care expert in dependent upon minimizing mistakes and preventive complication. I do believe in "Do no harm to the patient" philosophy and try to optimize the concept of zero tolerance for any mistakes.

Home Care

This field of critical care is emerging fast as lots of border line patient can be managed at home with help of supporting staff and equipments . I provide complete health care solution at home.


I am available for tele-consulting on video conferencing anywhere at anytime on my number 9825013983, 9924231500 or on skype.

  • Telephonic help (24x7 +91 7984068434, +91 9924231500) in any life-threatening emergency like a roadside accident, stroke, heart attack, infection, poisoning and breathing difficulties.
  • Fever (Undiagnosed for more than 3 days)
  • Breathing difficulty (undiagnosed).
  • Home Care for a sick patient.
  • Tele ICU - (Online opinion in any patient who is admitted anywhere and wants second opinion).
  • Sleep study (Day time sleeping and not able to sleep in night, excessive snoring).
  • Support, rehabilitation and long-term care of patients discharged from ICU.