Gujarat Critical Care

Gujarat Critical Care


We are all about providing personalised, precise and comprehensive care to all our patients. We offer our services to any sick complicated ICU patients or any other patients where daignosis is challenging. This service is being provided in hospital, at home, by visiting to your place or by tele-consulting. We are all about diagnosing any medical & surgical problems at an early stage, managing in time and avoiding secondary problems. Providing complete satisfaction to the patients and relatives and entertaining all the inquiries regarding patients problems are our 1st priority.

We are also into education and public service through critical care society - A Charitable Trust. We also fund complete treatment to poor patients. We organise educational program to educate common public about complicated diseases and it's prevention.

  • I am also educating fellow medical fraternity by organising medical conferences and workshops.
  • I also help poor girl child in their complete education through the society funding.
  • 1st GCC confrenec was organised in 2010 and critical care society came into existence in 2011.


As I believe in providing closed system of care to all my patients. I have team of relevent super-specialist who are avialable as per my patient need. These includes neurologist, neurosurgeons, cardilogist, cardiac surgeons, gastrosurgeon, gastroenterologist, nephrologist, urosurgeons, onchologist, rheumatologist and intervention radilologist.

I have more than 15 years of experience in managing critically ill patients.

GCC Conference

GCC Conference is an annual national confrence is organised by me every year since 2010. The aim is to educate the medical fraternity about on-going development in field of crtical care medicine and internal medicine.


We aspire to diagnose all complicated medical problems and to provide scientifically precise, personalize and cost-effective medical care to all complicated critically ill patients. This will be achieved by inculcating best available scientific evidence, personal experience and medical technology.


Restoring happiness, trust and freedom in all my patients.


To provide empathetic care, respect, autonomy and give diligent human touch.