Great job...The most difficult part of holding a conference ...is not getting the program or the faculty right...that is relatively easy...The most difficult part is the unpredictable audience number... And u succeeded in that.. Which clearly shows that the entire conference was very well received. Congratulation.. And all the best for your future endeavors! –

Dr. Harjit Dumra

Great show Keep it up!!!

Dr Pratibha Dileep

Great show Rajesh. Congrats cheers and Thanx for warm hospitality and scientific feast Regards

Dr. Subhal Dixit

Thanx Rajesh for great scientific feast, keeping to the time has been "top notch"and impeccable hospitality...thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it...God bless.

Dr. Pradep Rangappa

Thanks Dr Rajesh For wonderful meet

Dr Jayanti Gurumukhani

Dr. Rrajesh tnx for organising such an excellent academic meet... u r a great organiser... arrangements were very good..... hope to meet again in future.... and tnx to all participants for good discussions.

Dr Ashish Bagdi

Excellent conference and excellent organisation..so meticulously strutted and organised till the last lecture..hats off to you Dr Mishra and associates..it was thoroughly enjoyed..hope to see u soon..three cheers for Dr Rajesh.

Dr Tapas Sahoo

Excellent conference. Hats off to Dr Rajesh & all team members.

Dr Sunil Karant.

Wonderful efforts and an awesome result Dr Mishra Nice conference Gr8 hospitality Thank u for all.

Dr Kanwalpreet Sodhi

Impeccable organization. I am impressed.

Dr Mathew Joseph

Nicely arranged & very well attended Neuro meet. Rare combination of success. It speaks lot ! Well done Rajesh & team. Thanks for all personally looked after kind hospitality. I was wondering how I missed previous GCC.

Dr Kapil Zirpe

Thanks Dr Mishra Superb organisation & excellent content, happy to be part of it.

Dr Pratibha DILEEP .