To serve the complex needs of our patients we bring a coordinated unique multidisciplinary approach to patient care, drawing from the expertise of specialists that includes: physicians, respiratory therapists, home care nurses, dieticians, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, etc.

The most complicated of these patients require the use of a ventilator in order to maintain adequate breathing to sustain their life. Patients with this level of need require a competent nurse with current knowledge of and experience with the latest medical technology and the ability to work with patients and their families who are experiencing the challenges associated with life with a ventilator.

We provide advanced on-going management to ventilator-assisted patients, including the options of both non-invasive ventilation (via a face or nose mask) and invasive ventilation (via a tracheostomy tube). We also provide family education and long-term care coordination.

With the right equipment and carefully managed and co-ordinated care, ventilated patients can find comfort medically, socially, and psychologically outside the hospital.