USG in Emergency

Initially used only in the evaluation of trauma patients, the scope of ultrasound in the emergency department has expanded to include a number of both diagnostic and procedural applications. The attraction of immediate bedside sonographic examinations in the evaluation of specific emergent complaints makes it an ideal tool for the emergency physician. The increasing pressure to triage, diagnose, and rapidly treat patients has fuelled ultrasound's use as a primary screening tool in the ED.

Procedural applications of ultrasound greatly improve patient care as well. Procedures in which ultrasound is beneficial include needle thoracostomy, paracentesis, arthrocentesis, pericardiocentesis, detection of foreign bodies, and line placement for vascular access. Many of these procedures were once performed blindly and are now being guided via ultrasound imaging.

Diagnostic screening ultrasounds in the emergency department include abdominal, pelvic, cardiac and trauma exams.