Dr. Rajesh Mishra

Attachment HospitalsSANJIVANI -  Vastrapur,  SAL HOSPITAL  - Drive In Road, COLUMBIA ASIA - Hebatpur, NIDHI  HOSPITAL - NAVRANGPURA, MEDILINK HOSPITAL - Satellite, TAPAN HOSPITALS - Prahladnagar.


Nature of Work- I am practicing as a full time Intensivist. My work profile includes primary assessment, and resuscitation, streamlining complicated multi-organ failure patients,  doing all ICU procedures and communication to the relatives. I am also involved in training of ICU Doctors and Nursing staffs. I do follow strict ICU protocols and guidelines. My ICU keeps a tight watch on antibiotic policy and aseptic precautions. I give my 60% time to the patients, 10% time to quality and staff training , 15% time to myself for update and remaining 15% time to conference and workshop as a faculty.


Training- My Critical Care training started in Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre New Delhi in 2001. I have done FNB from Manipal Hospital Bangalore. I have started my practice as Free Lance Intensivist in Ahmedabad since 2006. I have been continuously attending most of the National and International congress and workshop to improve my skill and knowledge. I am FCCS and ACLS Instructor as well.


Contribution to Society- I am active member of the ISCCM. I am participating in most of The National Congress as a faculty. I am participating as a workshop organizer/Faculty  for Ventilator management, Hemodynamics monitoring, Nephro-Critical care, ACLS courses, FCCS Workshop  and Ultrasound in ICU.


Since 2010 and I have started annual critical care conference in Ahmedabad .

I have served as west zone editorial member for ISCCM news journal ( 2012-2013)

I have been awarded President citation award for my contribution to ISCCM in Jaipur 2014 & Agra 2016.

I am elected for ISCCM Executive committee (2014-2018)

I did Nephrology workshop( program coordinator) in ISCCM Jaipur 2014& ISCCM 2016 Agra . I have also developed Renal Replacement therapy protocol book for the same.

I have written a chapter on Pregnancy In ICU, in The ICU book   released in Jaipur Congress.

I am one of the committee member for developing Tropical Fever guidelines.



1- Carvedilol in Dilated Cardiomyopathy- -1st prize- UP-CSICON- JHANSI-2000.

2-Outcome of chest trauma – ISCCM MUBAI 2004

3- Infective theory of Coronary Artery Disease- medicine update- APICON UP CHAPTER-2001

4- Low Molecular Weight Heparin in Unstable Angina-Cardiology UP Chapter journal -2000.

5-Anaesth Intensive Care. 2007 Jun;35(3):382-6.

Critical incidents ina multidisciplinary intensive care unit.

Chacko J, Raju HR, Singh MK, Mishra RC.

6- Review on immunomodulation in sepsis in APICON Medicine Update—2012

7- As a Principle Investigator- participated in 3multi-center  trails ,

8- Tropical fever guideline-IJCCM-www.ijccm.org on Friday, February 21, 2014, IP:]-Singhi S, Chaudhary D, Varghese GM, Bhalla A, Karthi N, Kalantri S, Peter JV, Mishra R, Bhagchandani R, Munjal M, Chugh TD, Rungta N. Tropical fevers: Management guidelines. Indian J Crit Care Med 2014;18:62-9..

9-Role of ultrasound in managing life threatening emergency – APICON UPDATE BOOK-2014.

10-Ventilator Graphics analysis& Fever in neutropenic patient an approach.- APICON CME TEXT BOOK -2016

11- ICU scoring – ICU book by Dr.Yatin Mehta.

12- APICON –CME UPDATE BOOK 2017: Role of plasmapheresis and CRRT in managing PCM induced fulminant hepatic failure.



Contribution as speaker-

  1. Criticare 2017 Kochi: 3rd Feb – Hypotensive resuscitation.
  2. APICON -29TH January Mumbai.  –Role of plasmapheresis and CRRT in managing PCM induced fulminant hepatic failure.
  3. 4C PUNE- 17TH 18TH DECEMBER – 1- hypokalemia &  hyperkalemia in ICU. 2- ARF IN ICU.3- Radiology in ICU.
  4. SZCCC-2016- Hyderabad- August 28, 2016- 1- new frontier in sepsis.  2-Debate.(q- SOFA) is Clueless ( against).
  5. Best of Brussels 2016 , Pune-7th 8th July- 1. NIV WORKSHOP . 2- straight talk –colistin vs polymyxin-B.
  6. APICON 2016-Hyderabad-28th jan- 1-sepsis-what is new. 2- How do I provide ventilator care to my patients.
  7. MAHACRITICON NASIK-2015-1-how to initiate ventilator. 2- weaning protocol.
  8. GCC 2015, Ahmedabad,24th- 26th April –Immunomodulator  in sepsis, metabolic changes in acute pancreatitis and polytrauma, handover in ICU, Chest trauma and mechanical ventilation, FCCS-antibiotics ,tropical fever, FAST-eFAST.
  9. ISCCM-CRITICON 2015-BANGALORU-4th -8th March-;Ventilator workshop- NIV; Advance mechanical ventilation; lecture –rational osmotherapy; AKI & antibiotic dosing intensivist perspective. Panel discussion –role of immunomodulator in sepsis.
  10. BAPICON 2015- USG- my eye in ICU patients -31st Jan Darbhanga Bihar.
  11. NGPA -2015 10TH Jan Singapore –learning from mistakes.
  12. Management of acute pancreatitis -    ISGCON 2014-MUMBAI-20TH DEC.
  13. EMCON Mumbai- 6th –9TH November 2014  -CAP –ICU admission and ventilator management.
  14. 28th September 2014 –BPCON 2014-SHIVA Hotel Ahmedabad- hypertensive crisis.
  15. 13th September - ISCCM Lucknow Critical Care Update 2014 –sepsis controversy.
  16. 15TH -6th September 2014 –DCCS 2014 India Habitat Centre- As faculty in  EDIC preparatory course and lecture on current controversy in VAP.
  17. 21st June 2014- ISCCM Hyderabad meet- roel of erythropoietin in ICU.
  18. 30TH June 2014- tropical fever update at Varanshi –strategy to prevent AKI in malaria patients.
  19. 24th may 2014 ISCCM AGRA branch- lecture on strategy to initiate antibiotic in ICU.
  20. 3rd may 2014 – Cardiac Critical Care course at Kothari Medical Centre –role usg in ICU, & workshop training.
  21. 5th GCC2014 -5th 6th April- Shiva Hotel Ahmedabad-lecture on-(1)-drug holiday in septic patients.(2) strategy to improve diagnostic ability in life threatening problems.
  22. APICON-Ludhiana 2014 23rd Feb- Lecture on role of ultrasound in managing life threatening emergency.
  23. ISCCM- 2014- Jaipur 14th -18th Feb- participated as scientific advisor, one of the Key Faculty and I was course director for Nephro-critical care workshop. I have developed a protocol book on nephron-critical care, edited it and wrote a chapter on AKI prevention.
  24. Approach to CAP- how do I manage- 24th Jan- API-Ahmedabad Chapter
  25. Role of ultrasound in diagnosing life threatening emergency- NGPA –Phuket-22th Jan 2014
  26. Pneumonia update –1st Dec Shiva Hotel Ahmedabad –conference organized by me and lecture on how to prevent CAP and strategy to diagnose non -responding pneumonia. Panel discussion on how to start empirical antibiotic.
  27. FCCS –Instructor- 15th Nov Kolkata
  28. USG IN ICU, advance trainer and two workshop-7,8,9thNov 2013, Hong Kong.
  29. Hemodynamic workshop and as a faculty in ISCCM BHOPAL –CONFERENCE-26th,27th OCT 2013
  30. Ventilator workshop –Kota- 25th Oct 2013
  31. Strategy to prevent acute Kidney Injury in complicated Malaria, Viral hemorrhagic fever- Tropical Fever Update- 15th September  Ahmedabad.
  32. FCCS Instructor- 14th September  Kothari Medical center Kolkata -speaker-how to assess seriously ill patientand CPR.
  33. Approach to shock with unknown poisoning –speaker - 14th July 2013 CME held by B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad
  34.  Role of Ulinastatin in treating severe sepsis -Speaker- 12th, 13th & July 2013 "Best of Brussels" Symposium held at Pune by ISCCM Pune branch
  35. Strategy to prevent acute kidney injury in complicated Malaria –Speaker  7th July 2013 CME on "National Updates in Malaria Management" held at Jaipur by Malaria Management Group (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Jaipur Chapter)
  36.  Viral pneumonia in ICU and strategy to prevent MDR Infection emergence in ICU SPEAKER 16th Jun 2013 CME on Infectious Diseases Update held by Association of Physicians of Surat
  37. 2013          Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding and significant contribution to RaFTA:Rational Fluid Therapy in Asia
  38. Surviving sepsis guidelines and post-op care of high risk surgical patients –speaker - 9th June 2013 CME program held by Dept. of Surgery, GMERS Medical College, Valsad and Association of Surgeons of Valsad
  39. BLS and ACLS and how do I initiate mechanical ventilation in ICU and hands-on training on CPR -SPEAKER-26th May 2013 CME cum Workshop on Essential of Critical Care' held at Jodhpur, Organized by Jodhpur City Branch. ISCCM, Jodhpur
  40.  Post-op neurosurgical Meningitis and FCCS workshop Speaker-1st to 3rd March 2013 19th Annual Congress of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine & International Critical Care Congress (Criticare 2013) Held at Science City, Kolkata organized by ISCCM Kolkata Branch, West Bengal, India
  41. Approach to fever and management of complicated malaria Speaker-1st, 2nd and 3rd Feb 2013 AFPANATCON 2013 hosted by Ahmedabad Family Physicians Association
  42. Ethical issue in ICU patient         27th January 2013 APA - GCC 2013 held at Cambay Grand, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad
  43. Biomarker in sever sepsis- speaker    6th Jan      2013          9th Annual Scientific Symposium, 18th Year of Academics. Certification Course "Internal Medicine" held at The Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad
  44. Management of severe sepsis – surviving sepsis guidelines          15th and 16th December 2012 NGPA - APG - Critical Care update 2012 organized by NGPA, held at Cambay Spa and Golf Resort, Gandhinagar
  45. Immunomodulators in severe sepsis- speakers 15th - 16th December  2012 Criticon - 2012, Organized by IMA Bhavnagar & ISCCM Bhavnagar Branch
  46.  Why it is difficult to prevent  emergence of antibiotic resistance-speaker     14th - 15th December 2012 CME and 4th Annual Conference of Health Care Associated Infections & Prevention organized by The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad and Hospital Infection Society, India, Gujarat Chapter
  47. Approach to hypernatremia- speaker          26th August 2012 DCCS 2012 the 10th Annual Conference of ISCCM (Delhi and NCR Chapter) held at Hotel Le-Meridian, New Delhi
  48. Attended 15-18 June 2012 17th World Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. 17th World Congress for Bronchoesophagology held at Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  49. Management strategy of Aluminium poisoning (Celphas) speaker-3rd June 2012 Mid Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of Gujarat held at Maliba campus, Uka Taradia University, Bardoli
  50. Approach to Shock due to poisoning – speaker-1st April 2012 Facilitating "Critical Care Toxicology" Organized by Indian Red Cross Society, Gujarat State Branch Ahmedabad
  51.  How to start RRT in ICU, FAST TO eFAST IN USG in emergency, Cardiac output monitoring in ICU , approach to Acute Respiratory failure in ICU, and approach to hyponatremia in ICU speaker- 10th-11th March 2012 3rd Gujarat Critical Care Conference held at Ahmedabad (GCC 2012)
  52. Faculty      15th-19th February 2012 18th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine & International Critical Care Congress held at Pune, India (Criticare 2012)
  53.  Strategy to prevent antibiotic resistance emergence –speaker 24th-25th December 2011 34th Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of Gujarat held at Ahmedabad organized by dept. of medicine B.J.Medical college (APGCON 2011)
  54. Attended 1st-5th October 2011 ESICM LIVES 2011, 24th ANNUAL CONGRESS ICC-BERLIN-GERMANY held by European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  55. Attended 30th June-1st July 2011 International Course on ECMO and Short Term Circulatory/Respiratory Support held at UICP in Paris, France.
  56. Attended 10th-12th March 2011 1st European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology which took place in Marseille, France.(ECBIP 2011)
  57. Faculty      16th-21st February 2011 17th Annual Congress of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine at New Delhi, India (Criticare, 2011)
  58. Surviving Sepsis guidelines –speaker- 6th-9th January 2011 66th Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of India held at Ahmedabad, India (APICON 2011)
  59. Attended   9th-13th October 2010      23rd ANNUAL CONGRESS CCIB-BARCELONA-SPAIN by European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  60. Attended 2nd-4th July 2010 4th Teaching Seminar on Bronchoscopy: Science, Technique and Art held at Athens, Greece.
  61. Speaker  4th June 2010      Appreciation certificate by Kalol Medical Association (Branch of IMA) for speech on Fluid Therapy in Shock
  62. Speaker when do you need intensivist- 4th-6th February 2010 North Gujarat Physician Association held at Bangkok
  63. Insulin therapy in septic shock and nutrition in ICU- 27TH March GCC2010 Ahmedabad.
  64. DIC is not  Death issuing certificate- speaker -27th December 2009 Workshop on Critical Care in Obstetrics and Obstetric I.C.U held at Ahmedabad organized by Ahmedabad obstetrics and Gynaecological Society and practical Obstetrics Committee, FOGSI
  65. Attended 11th-14th October 2009 22rd ANNUAL CONGRESS VIENNA, AUSTRIA   by European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  66. How to monitor sick patient in ICU, and when to intubate sick patient in ICU.Guest Lecture/Scientific Deliberations 28th-29th March 2009 Workshop and Continuing Medical Education Program 2009 (Medicine) APICON-86 Trust & Department of medicine held at R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur
  67. Severe Sepsis and septic shock management-, ABG Interpretation – speaker-11th January 2009 CME on Critical Care Medicine held at Global Hospital & Research Centre, Abu Road
  68. Speaker- 3rd January 2009 A Talk on Basic Life Support organized by IMA-Jamnagar branch
  69. Recent trend in management of Organo-phosphorus poisoning Delivered Lecture 25th-26th August 2007 Mid Annual Conference of Association of Physician of Gujarat held at Mt. Abu