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Dr. Rajesh Chandra Mishra

MBBS.MD (Internal Medicine)
FNB (Fellowship in National Board, Critical Care Medicine)
EDIC (European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine)
FCCP (Fellowship in American College of Chest medicine)
FCCM (Fellowship in American College of Critical Care Medicine)
FICCM (Fellow Indian College of Critical Care Medicine)
Consultant Intensivist & Internist . Ahmedabad,
+919825013983, +919924231500,
E-mail : mishr_c@hotmail.com, mishr.c@gmail.com

I provide patient centric cost effective personalised care to all my sick patient. I deal with only life threatening complicated medical and surgical problems. I am passionate about diagnosing undiagnosed problems and managing them. I believe in preventing secondary complication in all my patients to expedite quick recovery.

I work on referral basis wherein patient is primarily admitted under me for any life threatening complicated issues and subsequent care and management is done by my team under my supervision. At present I go to Columbia Asia , SAL, Sanjivani Vastrapur, Nidhi Navrangpura , Tapan and Medilink Hospitals.

I am a hard core academician. A privileged faculty Intensivist in most of the national & regional Critical Care Conferences. Since 2014 I am EC memeber in ISCCM till 2018. I will be General Secretary ISCCM from 2018-2020.

Since 2010 , I organise GCC ( GUJARAT CRITICAL CARE CONFERENCE) every year, with aim to spread awareness and knowledge about Critical care medicine.

I head Critical Care Society a charitable registered trust which helps in organising educational program, public awareness, educating underprivileged girls, and offering free treatment to poor patients.

Contact: 9825013983 | 9924231500
Email: mishr.c@gmail.com
Website: www.gujaratcriticalcare.com

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